Riiid is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that believes we have yet to unlock the full potential of human learning. Our name stems from the root word “rid,” which means to “eliminate or liberate.” At Riiid, we aim to “rid” the world of the three barriers to learning: inefficiency, inconsistency, and inequality.

We build AI solutions that maximize the impact of the learning experience for both educators and students — ensuring everyone can unlock their full potential. Our solutions are powered by vast neural networks that  

  • reduce assessment + learning times, with unprecedented accuracy in knowledge tracing and performance prediction  
  • decrease inconsistencies in content, delivering personalized instruction that adapts to each learner's path  
  • deploy at massive scales, opening the door to minimize the disparities in the quality of education worldwide

At Riiid, our vision is to make high-quality, personalized education accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status, age, race, gender, identity, or educational history. Like many others who have championed personalized education, we are shifting the paradigm to a world where education meets each and every learner where they are.

Everyone has the right to learn — we want to unlock the hidden opportunities for people to pursue their unique journeys and achieve their full potential.


# Score Prediction

We transform the process of assessment, from hundreds of questions and hours of test-taking, to delivering results in just minutes.

Trained on hundreds of millions of student interactions, our AI modeling predicts subject skill level, with over 95% accuracy, using only 5-10 questions. Real-time score prediction makes it possible to quickly identify the current ability of the learner — and immediately take action. Our prediction algorithms then highlight the most efficient paths learners can take.

# Personalized Learning Paths in Real-Time

Everyone has a unique journey — designing a personalized learning path ensures every individual has the tools needed to maximize their own success.

After each assessment and score prediction, our AI automatically determines the most ideal and efficient path to achieving each learner’s goals. With every interaction, our AI models adapt and grow with the learner, recommending only the most effective content that will move the learner towards mastery.

# Maximized Attention with AI

Our proprietary algorithms regularly take the pulse of a learner’s engagement, identifying key moments when they begin to lose interest or motivation.

By predicting dropout & disengagement, we maximize the attention of learners. Our algorithms respond by creating new opportunities to re-engage the learner, reducing the risk of dropout and seamlessly re-capturing their attention.

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