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About EdWeek Market Brief 

EdWeek Market Brief   provides actionable intelligence about the marketplace of K-12 education through original reporting, deep analysis and proprietary, data-driven research. Business leaders turn to EdWeek Market Brief for school district purchasing needs, processes and plans; trends in sales, marketing, product development among their peer organizations; and analysis of large trends and the impact of state and federal funding on their businesses. 

Now, with an expanded team of reporters and business researchers, EdWeek Market Brief  is bringing smarter and better informed decision making to the marketplace of education, with the goal of increasing student learning and achievement.  

About Education Week 

Education Week has provided  thorough and thoughtful analysis of K-12 policies, practice and research for nearly 40 years. 

To learn more and provide organization-wide access to all of Education Week’s reporting , learn more here . We have custom solutions for districts, education companies, higher education, and non-profits. 

For an individual subscription (including 2-week free trial) we encourage you to learn more here

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